Heavy Duty Oilfield Equipment

Casper equipment rental service provider, Phoenix Energy Services, LLC in Casper, WY offers a variety of junk catchers and phase separators for oil and gas exploration projects. All our equipment is operated by our trained professionals in all types of oilfields. Our machines are designed to work in different climatic conditions. Please take a look at some of our equipment.

Self-Igniting 50’ Mobile Flare Stack

Phoenix Energy Services LLC

4 Phase #720:

Phoenix Energy Services LLC

4 Phase Separator:

  • 4” 600 RF Inlet & Outlet

  • 4” Inlet has very easy diffuser to change out as they wash, protecting the separator

  • 4” Outlet has V-cone rated for 0 – 20 MMSCF/day with an explosion proof MC-2000 scanner

  • 3” backpressure valve with transmitter and totalizer

  • 3” Oil & Water out with dual 2” D4 pneumatic dump valve’s, high and low rate turbine for fluid accuracy, also allows one D4 to be still be dumping and measuring fluid while repairs are made on the defective D4, turbine, totalizer, y-strainer, valves.

  • 3 – 2” 1502 sand drains connecting to a 2” 1502 adjustable choke to dump with control and do away with “sacrafice” valves.

  • L2 liquid level controllers set up with 27” rod, dump spans can go from 1 gal/dump to 1.5 bbl./dump

  •  4 – 12” Penberthy transparent sight glasses with tied in drains and cleanout ports

  • 5005 10K texsteam, 4.5 gph/rate with 50 gal tank, ¼” X 200’ 10K hose to reach needed areas on location

Junk Catcher

Phoenix Energy Services LLC
Our screens can be flushed or removed to be changed or cleaned. Twin screens allow flow to be switched from one arm to the other and allow continuous flow of the well. Various size screens can be installed.

Pipe Skid With Parts House

Phoenix Energy Services LLC

#5000 WP Sand Traps

Phoenix Energy Services LLC

8” 8 Chamber Filter Vessels

2” and 3” 15K Choke Manifold
Phoenix Energy Services LLC

Technical Specifications

Phoenix Energy Services LLC
Custom Skid Mounted 72" OD x 20'-0" SIS x 720# MAWP ASME CODE HORIZONTAL
Four Phase Separator
Assembly - NACE Compliant

Vessel Data

Phoenix Energy Services LLC 

Code Stamped: ASME Section Vlll Division I & National Board Registered Vessel
 X-Ray: RT-l
Piping X-Ray: 100%
Stress Relieved: Yes
Brinell Hardness Test: Yes
Con-asian Allowance: None
Mist Extractor: 9#/cu. ft. 304 SS Wire Mesh, 6" Thick
Internals: Inlet Diverter, Gas Outlet Diverter, Wave Breakers, Vortex Breakers, Bucket & Weir, Equalizer
Saddle Supports: Yes
Lifting Lugs:2
Max Sulfur Content: .003


Phoenix Energy Services LLC    
Inlet: 8” 300# RF
Gas Outlet: 8" 300# Studded Outlet
Oil/Water Out: (2) 4" 300# RF
Drain: (2) 3" 300# RF
Water Drain: 3" 300# RF
Oil Drain: 3" 300# RF
Relief: 2" 300# RF
Vent: 2" 300# RF
LC-Water: 4" Union
LC-Oil: 4" Union
Pressure Indicator: 1/2" 3000# NPT
Gauge Glass: (4) 3/4" 3000# NPT
Thermometer: 3/4" 3000# NPT
Interface LG: (2) 2" 300# RF
Bridle: 2" 300# RF
Manway wi Blind & Davit: 18" 300# RF


Phoenix Energy Services LLC


Phoenix Energy Services LLC

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